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Many recommendations for designing of resistance training programs are suggested training all
the sets to perform until voluntary fatigue with a maximum load selected, situation known as
muscular failure. However, recent evidence has emerged that suggest caution in the prescription
of training to failure in both, healthy and performance perspective. This review has addressed to
this issue and made a collection of literature and a qualitative analysis of this topic. Final
conclusion of this study suggest that implementation of the muscular failure resistance training is
not recommended in subjects who trained with healthy goals, because it breaks the acceptable
risk-benefit ratio in healthy training. However, athletes or advanced practitioners can be applied
wishing to exceed a "plateau", only if planned and does not interfere with the production of
specific strength.
Key words: : muscular fatigue, resistance training, recovery.
  Chulvi I. Muscular failure training in conditioninig neuromuscular programs. J.2010; 5(2):196-213.1

Reference Data:
Hum. Sport Exerc.


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